I’m in LensWork!

I’m thrilled that my Irish work, Between Heaven and Earth,
is included in the current issue #101 of the print and digital versions
of LensWork magazine. For several years I’ve anticipated submitting
once I developed a good sized portfolio of Irish work. However, during
my solo exhibition last year I was pleasantly surprised to be asked if
I’d be interested in submitting to the magazine by Editor Maureen
Gallagher. This kick in the pants lead to many months of work putting it
all together, followed by acceptance happiness. I’m truly honoured to
be joining the company of so many fine LensWork Photography Alumni.

The LensWork publications (the Print edition, the Extended
edition with photographer interviews and lots of additional material,
Editor Brooks Jensen’s podcasts, blogs and books) have been the greatest
source of creative inspiration I’ve had since discovering them eight
short years ago. I’d like to give a big thanks to Maureen and Brooks.

LensWork Print
is a 96-page, award-winning, bimonthly, anthology-style periodical
that focuses on photography and the creative process. Each issue
includes several portfolios, usually an interview with one of the
photographers, often an article by a guest contributor, and an Editor’s Comments.

LensWork Extended
is an expanded, PDF-based, bimonthly, multimedia publication containing
lots of additional content that simply won’t fit in the 96 pages of LensWork. Each issue typically includes 7-8 media monographs — including expanded presentations of the portfolios in the print version.

LensWork Portable is formatted specifically for the iPad, Android and similar portable devices.

LensWork Online is
a content-rich site for photography and the creative process. You will
be amazed at the extent and depth of content in this website!


2 thoughts on “I’m in LensWork!”

  1. I was just on Skellig a few weeks ago. An amazing place. Could not go up as the weather was too windy and wet. Too dangerous. Your images make me want to go back and hike up for sure. Well done. Congrats on your acceptance to Lenswork. A personal goal for me too.

  2. Thanks, John.

    It definately seems that you must have the luck of the Irish to gain access to Skellig Michael. I would also like to return at some point.

    I'll be looking for you in LensWork.

    Best regards,

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