Photography Book - The Beauty Of Impermanence

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The Beauty of Impermanence is a book of evocative fine art black and white photography from Ireland, Italy, Canada, Cuba, and the United States that reveals the eternal spirit and beauty of the land while focusing on our relationship with the eternal. It includes a fitting collection of quotations, proverbs, and poetry ranging from the transient to the transcendental.

Please find a preview of 15 out of the 100 pages below.

The Beauty of Impermanence | Bret Culp
Landscape 10x8 inches (25x20 cm) | 100 pages
Revised and Updated: 2015
ISBN 978-0-9810253-0-8

Comments About The Book

anipani says...
Inspired and inspiring. Your chosen quotes enhance beautiful compositions. Well executed
posted at 05:40am Nov 09 PST

avsha says...
beautyfull images!!
posted at 09:40pm Aug 19 PST

redtreeme says...
Beautiful composition. :-)
posted at 02:21pm Aug 18 PST

Lauz86 says...
posted at 12:30pm Aug 17 PST

kensie8 says...
Stunning, beautiful, spiritually connected. Art photography at it's finest.
posted at 08:30am Aug 15 PST

kari-lynn says...
Hey Bret,
I just love the pictures they are just beautiful! Totally awesome book Bret!!!!! Thank-you for sharing these delightful sights with us!
posted at 05:49am Aug 15 PST

RojoRabbit says...
This is lovely.
posted at 12:58pm Aug 04 PST

gotomaria says...
Love the black and white rendering of the theme and the poetry and quotes are great. Wish I could get this in ebook form..:) Maria
posted at 09:11am Aug 03 PST

artus says...
Wow, fine art from the best,
rarely seen such beautiful photos. -Dieter
posted at 12:41pm Jul 31 PST

kittiekat4U says...
Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
posted at 07:25pm Jul 15 PST

runningwild says...
The hourglass sands that run so free are rocks that failed to hold the winds of time.
posted at 10:51am Jul 15 PST