Solargraphy – Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice

My second solargraphy experiment is a six month 182 day exposure spanning from the December 21, 2014 winter solstice to the June 21, 2015 summer solstice.

About Solargraphy

Solargraphy reveals the path of the sun over a period of time using homemade pinhole cameras and old fashioned light sensitive photographic paper. For this image the camera was pointed west over the southern part of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada with a 122 degree field-of-view. A retaining wall can be seen at the bottom of the photo with the beach and sky above it.  The lowest sun trail is fyrom the winter solstice and the highest from the summer solstice which together represents the full movement of the sun over the changing seasons.

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Solargraphy, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada12.21.14 – 06.21.15 (182 days), Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada, 2015

Here are a few crop details of the full solargraph image, above.

Solargraphy detail 1, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Solargraphy detail 2, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Solargraphy detail 3, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

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