ArtAnywhere Bring Pop-Up Art Fair to Oxford & Cambridge University Alumni Event

Five pieces from my portfolio of Irish work and two prints of Julie’s work are included in this innovative exhibition.

First annual garden party to feature artwork from Toronto artists

TORONTO, Ontario – September 2, 2011, an innovative Web site for buying contemporary art, is expanding into the private event space.  Seeing an opportunity to bring beauty and meaning to private gatherings, ArtAnywhere has partnered with alumni from Oxford University and Cambridge University to create a “pop‐up art fair” for their First Annual Joint Garden Party.

ArtAnywhere will be showcasing a variety of contemporary works of art from its online catalog of over one thousand emerging artists.  Elham AyoubZadeh, CEO of ArtAnywhere, points to the importance of promoting original art in non-traditional settings. “People are too busy to visit art galleries and they do not have many opportunities to be exposed to contemporary art.  Toronto has a thriving artistic community whose work deserves to be seen.  We saw an opportunity to bring art to a highly educated and cultured group of individuals,” she said. 

Dr. Daniel Kaute, a successful international entrepreneur and Cambridge graduate, is one of the organizers of the event and president of the society.  He believes that having artwork at the event will be both fun and a way to show their support for the local arts community.  “Many of our members are art collectors,” he said, “and this is an opportunity for them to see artwork they might not have been exposed to before. It’ll be a great conversation starter!” 

The event will take place on Thursday, September 8th, from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm at the residence of prominent Mississauga entrepreneur and lawyer, Gary Mooney.

About ArtAnywhere Inc.
ArtAnywhere is a Web site that helps corporations and homeowners to acquire contemporary art in a convenient, cost-effective way.  Buyers select from an online catalog of thousands of works of art, and receive artwork for a free 30-day trial.  ArtAnywhere’s vast catalog encompasses the best emerging artists from cities around the world, with artwork spanning every medium, size, theme and price.

Contact: Elham AyoubZadeh or 647-500-2755

About the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Toronto
Oxford University and Cambridge University are two of the most distinguished universities in the world with alumni around the world.  Toronto-area alumni of Oxford and Cambridge are coming together for their first joint garden party to promote fun, fellowship and networking.  The mission of the Oxford and Cambridge Garden Party is networking, inclusion, and giving back.  10% of the proceeds of the day will go towards the new scholarship fund to support Canadian students in Oxford and Cambridge.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Kaute

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