8th Toronto Timeraiser

The Fermenting Cellar in the DISTILLERY DISTRICT, Toronto, Canada
Saturday March 19, 2011 

Doors open at 7 pm.

My photograph, Mists in Idleness, has been purchased for the 8th Toronto Timeraiser event!

Timeraiser was conceptualized in 2002 in response to a group of friends wondering how it could be easier to find meaningful, relevant volunteer opportunities.

8th Toronto Timeraiser

The Timeraiser works like this:
The agenda for the Timeraiser is (6:30 start in Vancouver):
07:00 pm – Doors Open
08:00 pm – Welcoming Remarks, MC
08:30 pm – Silent Art Auction Begins
09:30 pm – Silent Art Auction Ends
10:00 pm – Winners Announced

The Pledge:
We suggest that everyone  who attends the Timeraiser make a pledge to volunteer a certain number of hours in the community, we recommend 20 hours .  Even if you don’t want to bid on artwork, if everyone who attends pledges to do 20 hours, we’d raise 8,000 hours.

When you arrive:

-Your name will be on our list if you register online
-Just visit the Registration Desk to pick up your personalized “Welcome Kit”
-Meet with agencies, discuss if their is a match between your skills/their needs
-On your Welcome Card check off the agencies  you are interested in connecting with
-Return your Welcome Card  to the front desk, this is a must if you want to bid on artwork
-See FAQs for complete art bidding rules and what happens if you have a winning bid.

Agency Connections:
It is up to you and the agency to determine if there is a volunteer fit in the days, weeks, months after the Timeraiser. Go to the FAQ section to see more details about agency matching.

After the Timeraiser:

Create a plan and track hours at civicfootprint.ca


Nicole McPhail. Events Coordinator
nmcphail [at] timeraiser.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/timeraiser


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