Artist Statement

This is the first Artist Statement that I put on my site, I believe that the sentiments expressed continue to be valid to my work and motivations.

I make pictures to impart an optimistic view of life by focusing on the strength and beauty that I see within it.

I am fascinated by the contradiction that life is both fragile and resilient at once. Acts by man and nature alike often have catastrophic effect on our world but in the end life cannot be stopped. I am comforted by the relentless determination of life to claim its place, to reclaim what has been taken, and to carry on against all odds.

I enjoy the energy, rhythms, and richness of culture that urban settings provide yet I am rejuvenated when photography takes me away from the chatter and stresses of modern life. My senses are invigorated as I become aware of the abundance and power of life around me, and my place within it. In that moment I am returned to childhood, where everything is a mystery to be explored and experienced for the first time. My hope is that through my photographs the viewer can experience it too.

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