The Cheltenham Badlands Are Closed

Nestled unexpectedly within the iidyllic Caledon Hills an hour north of Toronto lies the Martian landscape of the Cheltenham Badlands. It has been one of my favourite photographic locations since I learned of it while on location for television show in the 90’s. During my initial visit I knew that there were many great photographs […]

Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts!

As a continuation of yesterday’s blog, “Ordinary folks don’t care about arts”, the following quote about the arts being an essential part of culture is actually featured right on the Canadian $20 bill. The fact that Prime Minister Stephen Harper considers it “a niche issue” shows how out-of-step he is with his country. “Could we […]

“Ordinary folks don’t care about arts.”

Saddly this comes from the Prime Minister of Canada. – Ordinary folks don’t care about arts: Harper Source: Prime Minister Stephen Harper has sparked a culture war in the federal election campaign with a claim that “ordinary people” don’t care about arts funding. I especially like this part: Under fire for his government’s […]